5 Miracle home remedies for underweight

What Causes of Underweight? And how to treat this health problem? Here We are listing 5 miracle home remedies for underweight problems. A person with having weight is below twenty percent then the ideal body weight can consider an underweight person. Further, they may face various health-related problems too.

Symptoms of underweight

  • Feels fatigued
  • Poor physical stamina
  • Lower immunity power
  • Dizziness
  • If women – irregular periods

6 Cause of underweight

  1. Not taking the required calories: Not taking a healthy diet is a common cause for being underweight, especially in young people.
  2. Underlying disease: longer period illnesses like cancer, tuberculosis, and ulcers may also be responsible.
  3. Due to poverty: Not getting healthy foods and many other basic amenities that need to live a healthy life.
  4. Genetics reasons: Some people are genetically thinner due to their biological composition, So their body is unable to get proper weight.
  5. Depression and Stress: Being depressed due to various reasons, stressed due to workload or any other reason may not maintain their health properly.
  6. Using Drugs: Using certain illegal drugs and counter medication may cause frequent weight loss.
underweight people
Underweight symptoms, causes

Home remedies for Underweight

1) Mango with milk for underweight:

The mango with milk is an also ideal treatment to cure the underweight problem. Mangoes are filled with essential vitamins and minerals but do not contain any fat, cholesterol, and sodium. The fructose from the mangoes is stored in the body as fat. On the other side, milk is a rich source of protein.

Mix the mango cube with milk and prepare the milkshake. It is the best way to consume mango and milk. You can eat a ripe mango followed by a glass of milk for a month.

2) Banana and Milk for weight gain

banana for underweight

Banana mixed milk is considered to be the best home remedy and treatment for underweight issues. It works very effectively to treat the underweight situation. It helps to gain your weight at a faster pace in a very short time.

Cut the banana into small pieces and add to a glass of milk. Mix them in a mixer and prepare a banana milkshake. Add sugar in a share according to your taste. Drink it every day morning for a month and notice the change.

3) Honey with milk:

This one is also one of the simple ways to improve your weight naturally. Mix 1 tablespoon of honey with warm milk and drink it every day. It gives magical results within a few weeks.

4) Raisins cure the underweight problem:

raisins for underweight

Raisins consist of essential fatty acids and you only need to consume ¼ cups of them to avoid the underweight problems. This has to be adhered to for a whole month. You can also soak them overnight in water and consume the soaked raisins twice daily.

5) Clarified butter for weight gain:

Clarified butter is rich in calories and saturated fats, It can help better for underweight people but has to be consumed carefully. Butter can ease stiff joints and improve the health of the skin. Mix a tablespoon of clarified butter with a tablespoon of sugar. Consume this twice daily before the thirty minutes of your meals.

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 Diet tips for weight gain:

A perfect Diet plays an important role in building up your health and gaining weight. Underweight persons should eat frequent meals in a small portions as they tend to feel full quickly.

The weight-gaining quality of food is measured by the number of calories it provides. To increase your weight the healthy foods must be included which provide more calories than are used in daily activities. So it’s allowing the excess calorie to be stored as body fat. Increase your weight by half a kilogram weekly, you need at least 500 calories in excess of the daily average needs.

Following Food is avoided by an underweight person.

Avoid All refined foods that contain artificial sugar and white flour, as they do not provide enough calories and destroy your health. These habits gradually decrease your energy as well as your weight too.

Final Tips do physical activities:

Doing regular exercise helps to relax your body, reduce stress and induce good sleep. Regular exercise like walking, yoga, and meditation, may help a lot.  It enhances your appetite naturally so you will be able to consume more healthy foods.

If you like to do Yoga then Sarvangasana, Halasana, and Matsyasana are very helpful.


Among all these miracle natural home remedies for underweight, you should take proper sleep, healthy foods, and regular exercise too. These habits also help to weight gain within a short span of time.