10 Common Signs of Unhealthy Gut That Never Ignore

How do you know if you suffer from gut-related problems? There are several common signs of unhealthy gut showing that digestive system or gut-related problems.

You may be surprised to know your overall fitness is directly linked to gut health.  Several studies show that there are links between gut health and the immune system, mood, mental health, autoimmune diseases, and many more disease.

In fact, the gut is the body’s second brain, and when your gut is healthy, you feel more freshness and energy.  But, how do you know if you have an unhealthy digestive system or gut-related problems?

Importance of gut health

Your gut plays an important role to maintain your overall health. It’s also known as the GI or gastrointestinal tract. A healthy gut contains healthy bacteria and immune cells.

That protects you against dangerous bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

common signs of unhealthy gut

Further, the gut communicates with the brain through nerves and hormones, which help maintain overall health.

Healthy gut bacteria and microbiome help to regulate metabolism, and aid in digestion, It creates vitamins, manages hormone levels, and disposes of toxins.

common signs of Unhealthy gut

The following signs and symptoms show your gut is unhealthy and you need to take care of your poor gut.

1. Problems with sleeping.

Having trouble with a restful night’s sleep, or poor sleep could be signs that abnormal levels of certain types of gut bacteria. An unhealthy gut can also negatively affect the hormone that affects mood and sleep. It can disrupt sleep and leave you feeling overly tired during the day.

On the other side, insufficient sleep is also having a negative impact on gut health, which marks the importance of maintaining a good bacterial balance.

2. Unhealthy gut and weight gain.

Without making changes in your diet or exercise habits unintentional losing or gaining weight may be a sign of unhealthy gut. Due to imbalanced gut, can affect the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, regulate blood sugar, and store fat.

Having weight loss is caused by small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. That disturbs gut health by interfering with the absorption of nutrients like fat and vitamins. When the body is not able to digest and absorb fat normally, you may see some sudden weight loss due to that bacteria.

While some other types of bacteria have been linked to weight gain, which harvests more calories from foods than others. In that case, you see weight gain.

3. Having certain food intolerances.

If you have difficulty digesting certain foods you may be having poor quality bacteria in the gut.

This can lead to difficulty digesting the trigger foods, and you may have unpleasant symptoms such as bloating, gas, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and nausea. Some studies found that food allergies may also be related to gut health.

4. Having Bad Breath.

Bad breath may be a sign of your gut health may not be optimal or in balance. This problem is caused by odor-inducing microbes that reside between your teeth and gums and on your tongue. Definitely, the ratio of good and harmful bacteria is an indicator of your overall health. The mouth is the start of your gut and gastrointestinal system.

5. Fall Sick Often:

If you get sick more often than those around you, it shows your gut isn’t as healthy as it could be. After all, approximately 70% of the immune system resides in your gut! The imbalanced gut can affect immune function and health. The immune system helps to protect you from many harmful germs you come in contact with every day.

But if you have an unhealthy gut, then it leads to poor immunological support.

6. Affect skin health.

Having skin-related problems like skin irritation, and rashes are signs of poor gut health. The gut is in direct communication with your skin which is known as the gut-skin axis. So having an imbalance in your gut can directly cause an imbalance in your skin.

If any inflammation happens in the gut due to a poor diet or food allergies, which leads to increased leaking of certain proteins out into the body. That results in things like acne, atopic dermatitis, and eczema.

7. Having Sugar cravings.

More wish to eat sugar is also a sign of unhealthy gut. Most people do not aware of this symptom. But as per research, gut microbes secrete proteins that function in a similar way to hunger-regulating hormones. That affects your food craving as well as your mood.

This means the bacteria within the gut generate cravings for the substances they thrive on. Diet rich in added sugar and processed food can have unbalanced bacterial diversity. That leads to intense sugar cravings that ultimately continue the unhealthy gut cycle.

8. Autoimmune Diseases.

Your gut microbiome directly impacts your immune system and alters its functioning. Research shows that an unhealthy gut is connected to several autoimmune diseases, including type 1 diabetes, autoimmune liver disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.

One more study found that, when certain bacteria multiply too much, they can travel outside your gut to your liver and other tissues, where it contributes to immune disturbance.

9. Upset stomach.

Having an upset stomach more often including bloating, constipation, gas, and heartburn, then all can be signs of an unhealthy gut. A balanced gut is able to digest food and eliminate waste with less effort. If you feel discomfort in the stomach several times per week, that may be an indication of unhealthy gut or digestive dysfunction.

10. Having a bad mood

Your gut health plays important role in your mental health and the way you handle stress. There are neural communication channels between the gut and brain. That directly supports your mood and thoughts. If any imbalance occurs in the gut, it also affects your mood. So this is one more sign of unhealthy guts you should notice.

So these are the most common signs of an unhealthy gut. When you find any listed signs and symptoms in your body, then identify the cause, and start to do things that support your gut health.

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