Kidney Disease Early Signs: 10 Symptoms That Show In Your Body

If you don’t know these warning signs, then you never know about kidney disease at the early stages, and sometimes not even in the last stage. In this post, I will cover kidney disease early signs which helps to recognize the problem in your kidney. So you can diagnose it at an early stage.

Normally, people do not realize that they may have a certain health issue. Because they don’t pay attention to the several physical changes in their bodies. These physical changes can be symptoms of a specific disease.

causes of kidney disease

Importance of kidney

kidneys are one of the important internal organs of your body, they are bean-shaped organs located in the middle of your back. The primary work of kidneys is to flush out harmful toxins and waste products from the circulatory system. It balances blood pressure and essential nutrients.


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Types of kidney disease

Different types of kidney problems may occur like

  • kidney stones
  • polycystic kidney disease
  • infection in kidney
  • kidney failure
  • kidney cancer

Causes of kidney disease

According to the Medical Journal of Renal Injury Prevention kidney disease is due to high blood pressure and diabetes. If you have a family history of kidney failure or your age is older than 60, then it is mandatory that you need to get tested for kidney disease annually.

  • improper use of medication
  • passed on through genetic issues
  • Harmful habits like drinking,
  • smoking
  • poor diet
  • lack of exercise

All these are major causes of kidney disease.

So you never knew from the outside what happens in your body. But if you notice certain possible signs that will let you know that you may have kidney disease.

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Early signs of kidney disease

Urination Issues

Frequent urination issues, foamy or bubbly urine, a higher or lesser quantity of urine than normal, urge but no urine flow, and blood in the urine. You may face an increase in urine infections and a burning sensation during urination. All these conditions indicate a problem with the kidney.

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Swelling Or Puffiness

if you face Swelling or puffiness, especially on the face, ankles, legs, feet, or hands, that is due to the inability of the kidneys to expel waste fluid from the body. So swelling in your body is one of the symptoms of kidney disease.

Anemia or Tiredness

Diminished renal function leads to lower production of the hormone EPO, which acts as a trigger for producing more oxygen-carrying RBC. Low levels of oxygen can leave the muscles and processes starved of oxygen and can lead to fatigue. This is one of the common signs of kidney disease.

Skin Rashes

Excess accumulation of waste that is not disposed of by the kidneys can lead to skin eruptions, rashes, and itching.

bad breath in kidney disease

Bad Breath

When your mouth has bad breath with A metallic iron taste, that is due to the accumulation of toxicity in the blood, which is called uremia. It can leave a bad taste in the mouth as well as bad breath.

Brain Fog

When your blood doesn’t get enough oxygen then you may face brain fog. Because lack of oxygen in the brain can lead to multiple fallouts like memory loss, lack of concentration, and dizziness.

Back Pain

Sometimes Polycystic kidney disease can cause upper back pain near the kidneys or on the same side as that of the affected kidneys.


Uremia can also lead to a feeling of nausea and can lead to frequent bouts of vomiting. This is also one of the early warning symptoms of kidney disease.


Due to lower levels of oxygen-carrying RBCs and fluid retention in the lungs, it can lead to breathlessness. This is considered to be one of the early signs of kidney disease.


The anemic condition causes an excessive feeling of cold and patients are known to report a feeling of chillness even during hot conditions.

These are the symptoms you can monitor to early diagnose kidney disease. If you do not pay attention to the diagnosis of kidney disease at the initial stage then it results in kidney failure too.

Because once your kidney is damaged it will never be repaired again and you have to live with a defective kidney. Hence take care of yourself and protect your important organs.

The following tips may help to maintain your kidney in a healthy manner.

Quick tips to maintain kidney health

  • Maintain your blood pressure by requiring a range – of around 120/80
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol drinking
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day
  • Consume calcium and vitamin D-rich foods
  • Limited salt intake
  • Maintain a low-protein diet


If you find any of the symptoms in your body then you should consult with the doctor as early, and follow his guidelines and healthy diet.

I hope this short information about the early signs of kidney disease is helpful for you, you can share this post with friends and family.