6 Physical signs of vitamin deficiency That You never ignore

In this post, I will share the important signs of vitamin deficiency that produced by the human body. That because of your body starves for essential minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B12, B7, Vitamin C, and Iodin etc. If your body lacking these nutrients that hint about an upcoming serious health issue.

The vitamin deficiencies are the more serious health issue than you think. An estimated more than 1 billion people are deficient in Vitamin D.  A severe Vitamin A deficiency may even lead to death too.

When you do not pay proper attention to a well-balanced and nutritious diet, unknowingly spoil your health. A diet lacking in nutrients may cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms. These symptoms help to recognize the various vitamin deficiencies.

Your body’s always communicating potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Just recognizing them and adjust your daily diet accordingly.

Following are the most common physical condition that we consider:

Important physical signs of vitamin deficiency

pale skin problem due to vitamin deficiency

1. Pale Skin:

If you notice your complexion is growing pale, it may be a sign you need to increase your Vitamin B12 intake. When it’s lacking, your skin can suffer and you’ll also feel fatigue, muscle pain, and tiredness. So pale skin indicate the vitamin B12 deficiency.

Solutions: The best way to improve this condition is to eat plenty of:

Salmon, red meat, fortified cereal, yogurt, and swiss cheese.

2. Bleeding Gums:

Sometimes a rough tooth brushing technique is at the root of bleeding gums, but if you notice that your gums are so sensitive they are bleeding frequently.  A diet lacking in vitamin C can also be to responsible for it. Vitamin C plays important roles in to maintain immunity level, wound healing, and even acts as an antioxidant, helping prevent cell damage. Therefore bleeding gums can be considered as Vitamin C deficiency.

Solutions: Try to add Vitamin C rich food to your diets such as:

strawberries for vitamin C deficiency

Oranges, red peppers, kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, strawberries, and grapefruit.

3. Puffy Eyes:

Upon waking, everyone’s eyes may seem puffy. But excessing puffiness may be signaling a low supply of iodine in your body. This is very common symptoms if you are iodine deficient.

Solutions: To avoid this situation start to eat the following to fill up iodine:

Strawberries, yogurt, potatoes, Cranberries, kelp, and navy beans.

4. Dry Hair:


vitamin deficiency dry hair

A dry hair or hair loss is very common but it’s also signs of vitamin deficiency. If your hair is unmanageable due to dryness, this could be a hint that you are lacking Vitamin B7 or biotin. You may also found a significant amount of dandruff in your head. One culprit could be antibiotics.

The solution for it is to eat vitamin B rich foods:

Eggs, almonds, nuts, legumes, and whole grains.

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5. Pale Lips:

Take a good look at your lips. If they are pale, it could mean your body needs more iron. An iron deficiency can weaken your immune system. Catching more colds can also due to low iron levels. If this is the case follow the balanced diet,

Solutions: change your regular diet and include Iron-rich foods:

Red meat, seafood, beans, dark green leafy vegetables, iron-fortified cereals, and peas.

6. Poor Night Vision:

If you having a poor night vision and white growths on the eyes, it due to low intakes of vitamin A, which often linked to a condition known as night blindness. It reduces people’s ability to see in low light or darkness.

Solutions: Adding more vitamin A, rich foods to your diet Such as:

Dark leafy greens and yellow-orange colored vegetables, fish, eggs can help you avoid these signs.

I hope, all this physical condition will help you to understand the various signs of vitamin deficiency.

Finally, you always notice any physical change in the body and become curious about that, so you will find the cause behind it.

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