10 Proven Benefits of Eating Ginger For Your Health

Ginger is one of the most used ingredients in Asian and Indian cuisine. These flowering plants can offer many wonderful benefits that most people don’t aware of to day. Because of its medicinal properties, the proven benefits of eating ginger are innumerable. Here are some proven health benefits of eating ginger that may inspire you to add this spice to your daily diet.

It is used to enhance the taste of various dishes. Although this flowering plant is said to be the oldest medicinal plant spice. Due to ginger’s healing properties, people like to use it as a natural remedy.

Ginger Nutrition

proven benefits of eating Ginger

If we talk about its nutrition value Ginger is a good source of antioxidants. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral properties, which shows its medicinal value. While it provides a limited amount of vitamins, minerals, or calories.

one of the most important compounds found in ginger is Gingerol. This ingredient adds proven medicinal benefits to ginger.

The most commonly used part of the ginger plant is the root or underground stem, which is known as the rhizome. It contains lots of medicinal properties, hence it can be consumed fresh, powdered, or dried as a spice. Further ginger is also used in the form of an oil or as juice.

It can help to get relief from digestive issues, and pain and offer many health benefits. Following the proven health benefits of eating ginger, all benefits are supported by scientific research.

Proven Benefits of Eating Ginger

Let’s learn about some of the health benefits of ginger, this natural ingredient is rich in great health benefits.

Ginger benefits digestion issues.

If you are suffering from digestive problems often, then you should include ginger in your diet. Eating raw ginger is the perfect remedy for it!

Ginger can offer benefits for a digestion-related problems. It helps to stimulate saliva and bile production while allowing food and fluids to move through the GI tract more smoothly.

It aids in the breakdown of gas in your digestive system and supports bowel movements.

Treating sore muscles and pain.

raw ginger for sore muscle

Ginger offers special benefits for sore muscles and pain. As it contains anti-inflammatory properties which lower the aching muscles of your body.

A study conducted at the University of Georgia found that daily ginger supplementation reduced muscle pain by 25%.

In another study on people suffering from muscle pain due to elbow exercises. They were given 2 grams of ginger every day over a period of 11 days.

People got some positive results and experienced reduced pain in the elbows. They have just taken ginger, not any pain relievers even though they got relief.

It also helps to reduce pain during menstrual cycles.

Relieves Nausea.

Ginger has been found to be very effective in treating all types of nausea. People with a history of sea or travel sickness often use this herb for relief. One studies show that ginger is best when used for pregnancy-related nausea, especially morning sickness.

Drinking ginger tea or even consuming raw ginger is common and safe for everyone.

Reduces Inflammation.

eat ginger to reduce inflammation

Having the degeneration of the joints in the body causes joint pain and stiffness, and leads to osteoarthritis problems. Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

It helps heal your joints and bones by reducing inflammation. One study found that ginger extracts when combined with cinnamon, and sesame oil,

are beneficial for people suffering from bone and joint issues.

Lowers cholesterol levels

Whatever you eat is directly affects your health. Having unhealthy food causes fat deposits in your arteries. Research shows that ginger can aid in lowering cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of heart disease.

A study involving 85 people with high cholesterol concluded that 3 grams of ginger powder consumed each day reduce significantly cholesterol levels.

Ginger benefits for diabetics.

Ginger benefits for diabetics

High blood sugar is a major risk factor for heart disease. Eating ginger regularly also helps to control blood sugar levels. This is due to it has powerful anti-diabetic properties.

As per a recent study involving participants with type 2 diabetes, researchers found that 2 grams of ginger powder each day lowered blood sugar and led to a 10% overall reduction over a period of 12 weeks.

Further, it improves various heart disease risk factors in people with type 2 diabetes.

Fight Infections.

Gingerol found in ginger can help lower the risk of infections. It may help fight harmful bacteria and viruses, which could reduce your risk for infections. If you Suffering from gum disease? then Try ginger.

Its anti-inflammatory properties help to prevent gum issues by fighting oral bacteria. This way eating ginger offers proven benefits for infection and protects your teeth and improves oral health.

Eating ginger may reduce menstrual pain

Many women suffer from pain during their periods. Menstrual pain can be very uncomfortable because of the abdominal cramps that come with it.

Especially during these days, the cramps, pain, and mood swings make things difficult. Many people like to use over-the-counter pain relievers for discomfort, but ginger may also provide relief.

Since ancient times fresh ginger extract is used in many cultures to treat abdominal cramps.

This is proven by a study, it was conducted on 150 women who experienced menstrual pain. As per the study, women were instructed to consume one gram of ginger powder during the first three days of their menstrual cycle. Surprisingly, They found ginger managed the pain as effectively as any other pain-reliever medication.

Lowering cancer risk.

Ginger is being studied for its effects on cancer cells. The research found that compared to chemotherapy drugs, it kills ovarian cancer cells much more quickly and safely.

This is a really remarkable benefit since chemotherapy tends to cause as many health concerns as it solves. Ginger’s anti-cancer properties are attributed to gingerol, which is found in large amounts in raw ginger. So eating raw ginger have protective effects against cancer.

Ginger Improves brain function

Ginger Improves brain function

Eating ginger may enhance brain function and that protects you against Alzheimer’s disease. Due to the modern style of living each one of us experiences suffering from stress. And stress is bad for your health whether it is personal or career-related.

Stress will cause an accelerated aging process which causes Alzheimer’s and age-related cognitive issues.

Research shows the antioxidants and bioactive compounds found in ginger. That can effectively reduce pain responses originating from the brain.

Raw ginger and its extract are also proven to be effective for improving brain function and enhancing memory.

After going through the list of benefits, definitely add it as a superfood.

How to Use Ginger

After Knowing all the scientifically proven health benefits of eating ginger, how you can use ginger in your daily routine?

Well, it’s very simple to use. You can consume 2 to 3 grams of ginger in your diet that won’t be a problem for you.

As Ginger is pretty spicy, so many of you may not enjoy its taste. Luckily, there are many options for those who love ginger and those who may be new to this space.

Ginger tea proven benefits for health

Ginger option available for use

  • Fresh ginger root: Grate fresh ginger in your chickpea salad or lemonade. You can use fresh ginger in your food.
  • Ground ginger: Ground or power ginger can add to your tea or coffee.
  • Ginger capsules: Ginger capsules, or ginger supplements, are simple to add to your diet
  • Ginger tea: you can prepare ginger tea using fresh ginger or ground ginger. But you have also the option to buy ready-to-go ginger extract tea bags at the store.
  • Ginger oil: Ginger oil is available for use internally or rubbed topically to treat pain. It can be useful to use for massages.

Side effects of ginger

However, it is worth mentioning the side effect of ginger.

  • If you’re on certain medications or have certain conditions, then the smallest amounts can give a negative result for you.
  • Ginger can interact with blood thinners, and it can increase bile flow, which is bad for anyone with gallstone disease.
  • It can also cause discomfort if you have a sensitive stomach.

Your best way to take it safe and check with your doctor first, and if they give the green light, adding it to your diet can do you wonders!


As we have seen scientific research-based proven benefits of eating ginger to improve your health, which enhance your ability to fight various diseases. Adding to your regular diet may definitely be advisable for you.

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