High BP Patients Must Consume These  Foods

Written By JD Asari

There are many different foods that can help to lower blood pressure, but these seven are some of the best.

Green leafy vegetables are high in potassium. Include spinach and green onions in your diet. 

Green Leafy Vegetable

Beetroot is rich in nitric oxide, which lowers blood pressure by opening our blood vessels. 


If there is no cream from milk, then the amount of fat remains very less and milk is also a good source of calcium. 

Skim Milk

Apart from potassium, banana also contains calcium, which helps in controlling blood pressure.  


Compared to other chocolates, it is low in sugar, its regular consumption reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases to a great extent 

Dark chocolate

The amount of fiber in oats is very high. It keeps the balance of hormones in the body right and keeps blood pressure under control.


Blood pressure remains in control by the consumption of kiwi, along with health, it is also very good for hair and skin .


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