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Hidden Energy Source in Your Gut Can Help You Fight Infection

As per new research, Hidden Energy sources found in Your Gut can help you fight various infections

This research shows that resident body cell tissue cells use sugar as a source of energy to fight upcoming infections


Researchers led by Marc Veldhoen who is professor at Faculdade de Medicina de Lisboa (FMUL).

Also he is group leader at iMM (Portugal’s Instituto de Medicina Molecular Joo Lobo Antunes)

According to his studies subset of the immune system’s white blood cells rely on sugar for energy. This cell is also known as tissue-resident lymphocytes. 

This research was published today in the journal PNAS.
The resident lymphocytes in the stomach can make energy more quickly than the circulating lymphocytes.

These cells are in every case somewhat actuated and ready to fight issues like infectious diseases.


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